Rich browns with hints of blue on the rim, this teapot is a wonderful decorative piece for any room.


Decorative use preferable but our teapots can be used to steep tea in. Boil water on the stove and carefully pour into the teapot along with tea. Allow the leaves to steep before serving.

DO NOT place teapot on stove.

My pottery is handmade with nontoxic and food-safe stoneware clay and glazes. All pieces are dishwasher safe but handwashing is recommended to preserve to glaze's color and integrity.

Caramel Blue Teapot

SKU: P58
  • All pottery pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe. Handwash is recommended to reduce wear.
    There are a few simple steps for cleaning:
    · Allow pottery to completely cool before cleaning.
    · Scrape off any excess food using a nylon pan scraper or use nylon, wood, or plastic spatula. Metal spatulas can scratch the surface.
    · If necessary, soak pottery in clean, soapy hot water to loosen baked-on foods.
    · Then wash your pottery in the sink, rinse and dry thoroughly.