Vibrant and colorful, this bowl gives off the same feel of a summer's day. It's just waiting for some large scoops of ice cream!


Cool blue inside and a rich warm yellow outside with a width of almost 6 inches at the rim. Multi-use ceramic bowl. Microwave safe. Handwash only.

Yellow and Blue Bowl

SKU: P25
  • All pottery pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe.
    There are a few simple steps for cleaning:
    · Allow pottery to completely cool before cleaning.
    · Scrape off any excess food using a nylon pan scraper or use nylon, wood, or plastic spatula. Metal spatulas can scratch the surface.
    · If necessary, soak pottery in clean, soapy hot water to loosen baked-on foods.
    · Then wash your pottery in the sink, rinse and dry thoroughly, or place it into your dishwasher.