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Delicate and crafted lovingly by hand, each of these sterling silver pumpkin pendants are unique and one of a kind. Nestled inside is a genuine carnelian bead. All pendants come with an 18" silver box chain.

Carnelian is a variety of chalcedony and is a microcrystalline quartz. Carnelian appears in a vibrant range of fire-orange reds to brown-reds and has a dull, waxy luster (as opposed to the vitreous quality of crystal quartzes such as amethyst). Carnelian is most commonly found in India, Brazil, Siberia and Germany.

Sterling Silver Pumpkin Pendant

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  • Due to oxidation and wear, your sterling silver jewelry may tarnish over time. Regular cleanings with a sterling silver polish cloth will keep your jewelry looking like new.

    Store all sterling silver jewelry in sealed plastic bags. Exposure to oxygen causes the silver to tarnish. Keep all of your jewelry in the plastic bags provided with every shipment.

    Take your jewelry off when gardening, cooking, swimming, or showering. Acidic foods and chemicals can be harmful to silver and gemstones.

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