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Just in time for the holidays, a new handmade beaded bracelet to brighten up your day! Made with genuine sunset mookaite and african opal, wire wrapped in sterling silver wire. Length is 7.5 inches.

Mookaite is a variety of jasper that varies in colors. It takes its name from Mooka Creek, near the Kennedy Ranges of Australia, the only region in the world where the stone is found. Mookaite is formed by the ancient skeletal remains of a microscopic protozoa called radiolaria that were deposited in shallow sea beds. These deposits combined with additional silica in the groundwater as well as the minerals that give Mookaite its distinctive colors.

African opal is an opaque stone that does not display the play of color seen in more precious opals. It does have the distinctive lustrous pearly sheen of common opals, known as “opalescence.” Its color are primarily various shades of mossy green, with some rusty or reddish brown, and occurs in a variety of patterns and combinations of these colors.

Sunset Mookaite & African Opal Jasper Sterling Silver Bracelet

  • Due to oxidation and wear, your sterling silver jewelry may tarnish over time. Regular cleanings with a sterling silver polish cloth will keep your jewelry looking like new.

    Store all sterling silver jewelry in sealed plastic bags. Exposure to oxygen causes the silver to tarnish. Keep all of your jewelry in the plastic bags provided with every shipment.

    Take your jewelry off when gardening, cooking, swimming, or showering. Acidic foods and chemicals can be harmful to silver and gemstones.

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