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Wheelthrown teal dollhouse pottery, featuring four uniquely shaped pots. Tiny size for your dollhouse or to add a cool splash of teal to any shelf or bookcase. Add some flowers to complete the look and bring life to the pottery. Together or bought separately, they're sure to be a delightful addition to your home.

1:12 scale, bisque and glaze fired just like full sized pottery. Perfect addition to your miniature scene or dollhouse!


Sizes By Piece:

Pot 1- Height: 14.75mm / Width: 17.5mm

Pot 2 - Height: 15mm / Width: 18mm

Small Pot 1 - Height: 9.5mm / Width: 13mm

Small Pot 2 - Height: 11mm / Width: 13.5mm

Teal Miniature Dollhouse Pots


Set Discount

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