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Connecticut Vacation

With everything that's been going on in the world and all the travel restrictions, my boyfriend and I figured we would support local businesses in CT and see what fun day trips we can discover!

We're staying at this really awesome bed and breakfast for the week and had dinner at Café Marina in Norwich, a really great little restaurant that has recently opened. We had a great view of the water along with delicious steak, clam chowder, and boneless wings.

On Wednesday we had our first breakfast at Captain Grant's 1754 Bed & Breakfast. Scrambled eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, and fresh homemade jams, a perfect way to start our day on our first full vacation day! Even though we couldn't all sit close together due to COVID, we were still able to chat with some other visitors and our host, making the breakfast even cozier.

Wednesday we spent in Mystic and the surrounding area! Mystic CT was always a fun place to go growing up, seeing the old seaport and whaling ships, and being near the water.

We had some amazing chicken parmesan pizza at Pizzetta in Mystic for lunch, I've been getting so much sun from sitting outside eating everywhere! The staff there were so friendly and taking all the safety measures so we could have a safe and happy experience. If you're ever in the Mystic area I would definitely recommend them!!

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