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Winter Update!

Hello all! Hope you all survived the snow from the other day, between shoveling and wedging clay, my shoulders are super sore!!

It's been an exciting month in the studio, I've been experimenting with cracked surface pottery pieces, or what I call "crackle pots." I have a good collection right now and have a few more in the works. Besides the pots, I have been working with the molds from a few months back to get a good amount of teapots made up. They're almost finished drying and then will be ready for bisque fire.

My home life has been hectic the last month, but now that a lot has settled I'm hoping to be in the studio more. I already have some new pieces waiting to be trimmed, and finished pieces that need cataloging and photographing before they're ready to be in the shop.

Also, some new YouTube videos are up on my channel! You can check them out here on the site, or by going to my channel, Ceramic Shenanigans. There you can see some how-to videos and calm wheel throwing to relax to. If you like what you see, please subscribe and share, it really helps the channel and gets the shenanigans out there!

If I don't write again before the end of the month, hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!!


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