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Getting Started with the Creative Process

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Beginning the creative process is sometimes the hardest part. The spark is there but not the actual idea, not yet. It needs to be pulled out of the brain, coaxed out with pencil and paper.

Often with my ceramics, I don't have a cemented plan in mind. I have to pull the form out of the clay to see what it can really be. As I work the clay, I see its potential and change it accordingly. Maybe its a face, maybe a landscape, maybe an abstract. Its a mold-able mass that needs to be formed, carved, bent and broken in order to find out what it can really be.

But sometimes it isn't that simple. Some projects need more thought. When I wanted to create a copper and brass insect, I needed to really think about it. This is the first sketch that I went off of for the project.

When you sketch your idea, it gives you the chance to read between the lines. Complications appear on the paper; how will I attach these parts? What will come apart if I heat this area up? Will all the plates align on the frame? How many joints do I need on these legs? It's hard to analyze an idea inside your head, if its on paper you can step back and really think about your next step. Take the time to think critically about any aspect of your life, and more opportunity will show.

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