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Productive Few Months

Hi everyone! I've been busy these past few months getting Ceramic Shenanigans up in motion. Connecticut has been opening up slowly and everyone has been out buying jewelry, so I've been busy with sizings and other repairs at work. It feels like Christmas again! My bench is all set up at work except for my torch, once I have a bit more saved I can invest in the torch and gases that I'll need and then I can do more jewelry at home!

In the meantime, I've been throwing on the pottery wheel more. Lots of new bowls have been made and are slowly getting up on to the shop (maybe take a quick peak?) and I've been experimenting. I've been making crackle pots! Using a special technique, I've been making bowls, cups, and pots with a crackle textured surface and I can't wait to share the finished products with you!

On August 10th, we'll be going on a CT vacation! Due to everything being tough for traveling, we'll be staying in the state at a small bed and breakfast. Exploring the beauty of Connecticut and bringing a little more business to some small restaurants and shops that need it! Make sure to check out Ceramic Shenanigans on Instagram to see what we find around the state! Until then, hope you're all staying healthy and happy!

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